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Since 2006 TechStar Company has been successfully working in the suppliers’ market for the mining and construction industries in Russia.

Today we are the official distributors in Russia of several companies: Aramine (France), Nordic Lights (Finland) and x-Glo (South Africa).

All these companies are engaged in the production of high-quality machinery and equipment for mining, transportation and processing of ore, as well as for work in the construction industry. We, in its turn, make these products available in Russia at competitive prices, introduce our customers to new products, provide technical solutions for individual orders, carry out installation supervision, warranty and post-warranty service.

For most enterprises, the delivery time of equipment is the most important criterion when choosing a supplier. In our warehouse you will find the most popular products of each brand.

The main activities of the company

OEM spare parts, components and components for loading and hauling machines (PDM), dump trucks and drilling rigs.

Lighting devices for self-propelled heavy duty vehicles in the mining, construction, logging, agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

X-Glo industrial LED lighting systems for underground mining, repair areas, transformer substations, conveyor belts, tunnels and other objects.

We are in St. Petersburg

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(812) 454-01-77

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